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Welcome to the official website of the TIE project!

On the following pages we want to give you an overview about TIE (Together in Europe), its members and their home countries. The TIE project was a "Lifelong Learning COMENIUS Project" with 5 participating European schools from 2009-2011.

We have built this website to have a platform of communication within the project and to present the results of our work to the public. If there is anything you want to tell us, please visit our forum where you may post your questions, feedback etc. Thank you!

Final Stage

After two years all five TIE project meetings in Ahaus, Gorzów, Haaksbergen, Kybartai and Busto Arsizio have been completed and our project "TIE - Together in Europe" has now come to an end. During these five intense, productive, but also fun meetings we worked hard on our five topics: migration, cuisine, environment, school systems and leisure activities.

Apart from the project meetings we worked on these topics in working groups in our schools. We gathered and compared data, read newspaper articles and discussed many controversial issues. The schools are also where the last steps have been taken. Every school has prepared a final report for the topic they were responsible for from the input they received from the other schools at the TIE project meetings, in the forums of this website and in email exchanges.

All five final reports have been gathered now and you can of course also find them published here on this website so that you can get an impression of what we discussed during the last two years and of how the five topics relate to each partner country. Enjoy!